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“Glenbrook Blue Mountains”

Glenbrook Blue Mountains is a suburb of New South Wales & is located on west shore of the Sydney. The locale is famous among tourist for its scenic beauty & landmark sites. The traditional architect designs make the houses a different touch. Often people choose to relocate to suburbs to get out of the noise of the busy streets of cities and get close to nature.
Blue Mountains National Park is a perfect holiday destination. Visitors enjoy tracking through the mountains while exploring the natural beauty. The silent natural environment.

The chirping of the birds & cool breeze make the visit a pleasant trip.

Famous Picnic Spots


The Euroka

The Darug community lives here from ages. The foreign invaders exploited the region for camping ground & stone axe. The place has now become a picnic spot due to the dense forest & wildlife. The grey kangaroos are the habitants of this region from ages.


The Ironbarks

The spot is minutes away from The Euroka. The place is decorated with chairs & tables. The visitors are requested not to feed processed food to the animals. As it causes illness to the wildlife.


Tobys Glen

The place is more than 10 Km away from the entrance gate of the National Park. The area faces bad weather most of the time but offers exciting time to spare on holidays. The area holds ores of blue gems in the Mountain area.


Machins Crater

This picnic spot is named after Machin Hall and is located next to The oak. A volcano & a walking track are located in the premises of this spot.

National Park Guide


The guide assists you throughout the trip. The Blue Mountains region is covered with landscape hills & vegetation at large. Thus, you might find yourself caught in no man’s land area of the territory.


We recommend you to be accompanied by the touring guide to for expedition of Glenbrook Blue Mountains. Blue Mountains National Park is spread in more than 2, 00,000 hectares of area and is maintained by the NSW Wildlife Services & National Parks .


The geographical location of this tourist destination is suitable for dense vegetation, leisure walking, trekking & adventure sports.


The entry gate of the park welcomes you at the end of the Bruce Road, Glenbrook. Parking charges are applicable according to the number of visitors each vehicle brings with them..

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Restaurants & Food Joints

Glenbrook Blue Mountains have beautiful weather to enjoy. The cool current flowing all through the day makes the outing more enjoyable. Taste delicious Australian food at any of the restaurants in the area.
The traditional meat pie rides high on the menu list. Don’t forget to taste apple pie & freshly baked scones at any of the food joints. Apart from meals, you can also sip tea or coffee with tea-time snacks anywhere. Enjoy dinner at traditionally designed huts & experience the real life of Glenbrook Blue Mountains.


Education Diary

The inhabitants of the region prefer to educate the young brains in the area itself. Thus, the place has various pre-school, schools, high schools & University colleges. We recommend a visit to any of these academic centers:-

  • Glenbrook Infants School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
  • Blaxland High School
  • Lapstone High School
  • St. Columba’s High School
  • St. Dominics College


Pathway to the famous Glenbrook Blue Mountains

This place is a perfect tourist destination as it offers a variety of flora and fauna. Walk through the valley in the shades of lush green trees while enjoying a shinny glimpse of sun in morning and evening time. Enjoy a sip of morning tea while capturing the hazy look of the beautiful Blue Mountains. The climate and geographical conditions of this place make it the heaven on earth.