Australia Day

Every country feels proud to celebrate their republic day. This day showcases the strength of Army, Navy & Air Force of Australia. Apart from this, the country, especially, Glenbrook Blue Mountain region holds various patriotic functions to salute the freedom fighter & martyrs. The celebration of Australia Day grabs thousands of eyeballs from across the world. The residents of this region take this day as an opportunity to bring world more close to them.


26th January, the Republic Day of Australia is celebrated with full zest every year. The entire area is decorated with streamer balls, rings and colorful ribbons. The shopkeepers embellish stalls offer variety of food, toys, gifts & other products for sell.


This day, the food joint owners serve the authentic food of the country. The locals of the Blue Mountains give warm welcome to tourists & offer special discounts on road trips, hotel accommodation, biking expedition & much more.


Australia Day is a festival for countrymen. Thus, various troops perform dancing, musical & cultural programs till late night. Children, teenagers & even senior citizens take part in these events to showcase their love for the country.


Glenbrook Blue Mountain records the highest number of footfall, during the Australia Day celebration.

Christmas Pagent

Christmas celebration marks the birth of Jesus Christ. This festival holds specially place in our life. The entire region of Glenbrook Blue Mountain is decorated with star-shaped lights, streamer & rolling balls. The tourists visit this area from across the globe to witness the grand Christmas celebration that takes place here.


Christmas festivities begin a month ago. People sing & dance to the melodious tracks every night till the auspicious night of Christmas comes. The morning prayers & bells ringing at the church give the positive vibes. People from different religion come together here to witness the rich culture of Australia.


The mouth watering recipes served at dinner bring cheers to the crowd. This region is famous for its amazing view, thus large number of tourists visit here especially to enjoy the nightlife of this region.


Christmas means gifting season. The small kids & toddlers are surprised with their favorite gifts wrapped in glittering gift papers. The best thing about celebrating Christmas here is that everyone receives gifts from beloved Santa.


The school going kids perform stage performances to entertain the audience gather at the event. The restaurants & food joint owners serve only sweet dishes to mark the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas.

Spring Festival


The bloom of bright colored flowers, & the fragrance of new leafs mark the beginning of spring festival in the Glenbrook Blue Mountains. This region is located in the New South Wales region of the country has a variety of flowers to display.

The thousands of tourists gather here to witness the beauty of this region. The festival is organised by the traders of this region to increase their livelihood. The Bathurst Spring Festival is the most famous among the guests. The entire region display various flower shows during this festival that accumulates more than five thousand species of flowers.

Apart from organising flower shows, the spring festival serves a range of multi- cuisine food. Also, people can enjoy the festival with live music events, puppet shows & show by famous magicians in the Glenbrook blue Mountain region.

This festival is organised in the second weekend of the November. The festival marks the beginning of the spring season. Traders exhibit their products through "Market Day" promotional event. Discounted rates & availability of local goods attracts tourist the most.

Take a snapshot of the famous Vintage car rally during this festival & the memories forever. This rally is termed as an icing on the cake in this festival.