Reasons Why People Move to the Suburbs From the City

It is no secret that the Australian cities offer a lot of job opportunities, more money, a luxurious lifestyle, and exciting nightlife. This is why thousands of people move to cities every year. However, in the last few years, the suburbs have also witnessed significant growth in terms of population. It means more and more people are moving for the city to the suburbs. But what is the main reason behind this demographic transition? Well, the suburbs offer several unique benefits that you don’t expect to enjoy in other places. Suburbs give you a perfect balance between urban and rural life. Here are a few reasons why people prefer to move to the suburbs from the city. Have a look!

Lower Cost Of Living

Several people move to the suburbs due to the lower cost of living. Irrespective where you stay, you always want to live at a place that suits your budget. The rent of a median house in Brisbane city is almost double of what you will have to pay to live in the suburbs. There are many platforms from where you can know about the cheapest suburbs to rent in Brisbane. Apart from the rent, you also need to take care of the housing, utilities, gas and food. Thus, the total estimation of all the things can make a huge difference in your budget. So, living in a suburb is always pocket-friendly.

More Spacious Houses

In compare to the suburbs, everything seems to be more compressed in the cities, particularly the houses. As you move closer to the suburbs, living space becomes bigger. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for expensive suburbs or cheapest suburbs to rent in Brisbane, you will get sufficient space for sure. As there is more land in the suburbs, it is easy to find the properties that are more spread out. The young people working in the cities for career and money may ignore the significance of a spacious property, many families with children find it difficult to adjust in a small house. Thus they move to the suburbs.

Lower Crime Rate

Another important reason why people move to suburbs from the city is because of the higher crime rates in the city. Suburbs usually have a lower population in comparison to the nearby cities. Thus it is more organised and has lower crime rates. Even security experts believe that if you are living in a suburb instead of a city, you are less likely to experience high property crime, household burglaries, suspicious activities, property damage, fuel drive-off and so on.

Relaxed Lifestyle

The cities may offer better career and more money, but you can never get a relaxed lifestyle and peace of mind. For that, you need to move to nearby suburbs, and this is what people are doing. After a certain age, no one like the pressure and hectic schedule that the city offers. That is why you will find more families and elderly people in the suburbs. It also gives you a healthy environment. Suburbs offer you more greenery and peaceful surrounding, which you cannot expect in the city. It also allows you to enjoy your privacy! Unlike city here you don’t have to share your backyard, porch, garage and front yard.

Better Education Facilities

There is a misconception that the city only has good educational facilities. The suburbs also offer top-class school and not far from excellent universities for higher education. Apart from that, there is plenty of opportunities for the kids to get involved in some extracurricular activities. Many people understand this fact, and thus they move to the suburb for raising their kids properly. As the suburbs offer a relaxed lifestyle, you get enough time to be with your kids.

Fewer Traffic Jams

Another important factor why people move to the suburbs is due to the ease of transport. In cities, people are forced to use the train and subways because there is too much problem of traffic jams. Driving your car in a crowded city is nothing less than a nightmare. Thus residents prefer to walk everywhere. Suburbs, on the other hand, allow you to use your own vehicle. Moreover, in the suburbs, all shopping centres, banks, supermarkets, are in a close distance, which makes the commute easier.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide to stay in the city or move to a nearby suburb, carefully consider the points mentioned above. Factors such as property size, security, transport and affordability are essential to consider. Different people have different priorities, so only you can decide if these factors are good enough or not.