Teddy Bear Heaven

Cherish your childhood memories as you step down in the world’s largest Teddy Bear house. The home is packed with the teddy bear of different colors, sizes & textures. Capture your kid’s fun time as they cuddle teddy bears at:

  • Nana’s Ark
  • Nana Bear Sitting Room
  • Little Pepper Corner
  • Bany Hollow
  • Indiana Bear Lost in Crusade

Nana’s teddy bear is the country’s biggest teddy bear museum. The house is decorated with more than ten thousand artistically designed teddy bear’s. The Teddy Bear Heaven is located in the picturesque location of Glenbrook Blue Mountains. You can reach the teddy bear house through train & local bus stop. If, you are travelling through your own car, then avail the facility of car parking facility on the road that goes towards Sydney city. This place is an eye appeasement for the teddy bear lover’s. As you can have a look at beautifully hand crafted teddy bears from world across. The soft cuddling experience of collectable bears and porcelain dolls will make your visit a memorable one. Glenbrook Blue Mountains have abundance of scenic beauty & the teddy bear house hold a special place in its arena

We are open on

All 7 Days

0900 Hrs – 1700 Hrs


Wascoe Siding – a miniature Railway Station

  • The park is located in the Blaxland area of Glenbrook Blue Mountains.
  • The park offers secure & playful atmosphere for the kids.
  • Enjoy lip-smacking delicacies in between train rides in the park.
  • Each visitor gets three chances to ride the train. The ride starts from the station takes you through two tunnels before returning back to the station.
  • The park offers real site ambience with long yard, signals, cluttered tracks & track changing signals on intersections.
  • Trains run on diesel, steam & electric engines.

The Blue Mountain Railway Society acts as the care taker of Wascoe Siding. The society is a non-profit organisation that manages the working of the park. The Wascoe Siding is opened for people as an amusement park that offers the experience of travelling through miniature locomotives & the railway that use to run in the ancient times.

The station is spread in acres of land and the railway path give an astonishing view of the location. Another motive behind setting up this park is to let people know about the working of old-fashioned railways.

Railway is an easy mode of transport. Firstly, because it is economical. Secondly, it helps thousands of people to commute at one time. There are various people especially kids how have never boarded the train. Wascoe Siding is the place to make your holidays memorable.

We are open on

The first Sunday of every month

1000 Hrs – 1600 Hrs


Leisure Walk in Glenbrook

Take a walk down through the history lane of the city. In today’s time, people won’t get much time to walk. Visit to this place offers you an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Glenbrook. Leisure walk helps you relax. Detach yourself from the world & enjoy life at peace for some time. There are no particular locations for leisure walk, but the path structured though the human footprints allow you to enjoy the hiding beauty of this place.

The way for leisure walk is man-made hence we suggest the tourists that they must return to their respective hotels in daylight. After the sunset, various animals & birds come in open & they can cause any harm. Don’t take the leisure walk lightly. Yes, the visitors are advised to wear comfortable footwear & dresses for this activity. We also suggest you to be accompanied by the local residents as they know about the pros & cons of the area. The tourists must carry a local map to find out their location. Mark the starting point of your journey & the route you are going to explore. It will also guide you throughout the journey. You must add eatables, drinking water & some medicine in your backpack before heading out in the summer. The temperature outside can cause dehydration, vomiting or weakness. It’s better to be prepared for any situation when moving out.

We are open on

Throughout the year

In daylight. Return to the resort before sunsets.


Mountain Biking

The Glenbrook Blue Mountains have a range of hills. Riding motorcycle here offer huge adventure. Wear all safety guards before kicking off the bike to the uphill’s of the region. Mountain biking is an adventure sport, that offers biking experience on specially designed mountain bikes. Enjoy the trilling experience of riding down hill & uphill regions of the Glenbrook Blue Mountains.

The mountain biking is an energetic sport. It takes lot of daring to take up this sport, as it makes headway through dangerous locations. The sharp turns, far heighted bridges & difficult to notice rumble strips make biking even more challenging.

Expedition on hills at night is dangerous. As animals & insects might prove dangerous to the mankind.

How to Reach

The tourists can start off mountain biking from their hotel itself. You are required to wear safety gears & a mountain bike. These bikes can be rented for a day or on fuel rate. The mountain bikes are available on rent for days & even weeks depending upon your stay at the Glenbrook Blue Mountain.

Preferred Time

This area is completed set in the natures’ lap. Does it don’t have streetlight at every corner. The natural daylight makes the place brighter & shiny. Although, the sunset bring in the darkness at large. The haze and moist in the air drops the visibility quality. Thus, we recommend the guests to Start & finish trip in daylight.


Camp Fire

Camp fire is ranked at the top of things to do list, while planning an outdoor trip. Enjoy sitting besides the flaming wooden logs and groove to your favorite music. A group of friends can have blast during the camp fire here at Glenbrook Blue Mountains. The scenic beauty of this location makes the camp fire night a must to do.

Relish the roasted chicken, click pictures & relax in the warm cozy atmosphere of the camp fire. The camp fire offers a great opportunity to make new friends as a group of strangers can join the camp fire party anywhere. Also, the beautiful valley of Glenbrook Blue Mountain offers the best situation to confess your love.

The camp fire is not allowed all through the year. Hence, the visitors are requested to check out the timings for this specific task. Usually, camp fire is prohibited to during the winter season that starts from 01st December till 31st March. Although, some of the resorts offer space for camp fire inside the premises.

The hotels themselves arrange for wooden logs for this task. The tourists are not permissible to visit the exteriors areas for fetching wooden logs.